You know you are Indonesian kid If

  • This is exactly you when you have no traffic on Lebaran because people are heading back to their hometown

  • You spend your  holiday at some expensive five stars hotel near your house

  • You eat something (or anything) from food carts

  • You sneak-in some snacks to cinema. Because they're selling it way more expensive than 7/11!

  • You eat rice for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • You have one (or more) Joger t-shirt

  • You go to DWP even when you don't have any idea what it is. You know just to look cool among other friends. Right?

  • You have two phones. iPhone to take pictures and to play games and blackberry to do hmmm...blackberry messenger?

  • You have hate-love relationship with Jakarta. You hate it when you're in Jakarta but still missing it alot if you're away

  • You bought Yakult from aunty who sold it infront of your school like this

  • You never missed an episode of Anak Ajaib, Gerhana, Tuyul dan Mbak Yul or Panji Milenium

  • Your age is 3 years younger than the one on your SIM

  • You atleast seen the Upacara Bendera once on TV

  • You're blaming si Komo for the traffic 

  • Your childhood rockstar was trio kwek kwek

  • Indomie is your all time favorite dish

  • You go to Malaysia and Singapore to "shop"

  • You love the smell of sambel terasi

  • Your favorite thing from school is the class-meeting. Which means free time, really.

  • You forgot about our vice president. That guy never really shows up!

It's Budiyono, guys.

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