A Trip To Paris

Who doesn't want to go to Paris?
Everyone does, or probably every girl does.
It's always been my dream to go to Paris because, you know, from what I've heard, Paris is  the most romantic city in the whole world.

And there, I went with my Fiance on New Year's Eve.

The journey from our home took around 6 hours ( yes, bloody 6 hours!! oh, it's also with some stop over for filling up our tummy )
And after listening to allllllll my fiance's stories (with all, i mean, like...really all of the stories he has, because he was seriously talking non stop) We finally got to Paris. 

My first impression was .... W-H-O-A

Paris is seriously a magical place with all those old buildings, nice architectures and the food (of course, duh!)

Only if Paris was a lil bit cleaner, I'd say it's the best place on earth.

Nice Architecture at The Louvre

   Pont de l'Archeveche.Where they lock their so-called-love-lock.I don't believe in this kinda stuff, so I skipped doing it. 

jaw dropping architecture at Musee du Louvre

And here it is!!! the magical Eiffel tower!!!

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